Meet the Founder

A proud native of Naples, Italy, Chef Nadia Minniti is on a quest to promote Neapolitan cuisine as a way to get customers to appreciate the culture and history of the Boot-Shaped Peninsula.

Aside from running Gusto Napoletano in Fayetteville, NC, Chef Nadia has been a culinary arts instructor for 13 years. She has a BAS in Food Service Management from the Campbell University and a Master's in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Gastronomy from NC State. 

Chef Nadia is also a certified NC Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. Apart from that, she's a proud ServSafe Instructor/Proctor.

Chef Nadia is a firm advocate of sustainable agriculture–or the practice of producing crops and livestock without damaging the environment. She believes that finding a happy medium between food production and the preservation of the ecological system is the key to agriculture.